Skin Tightening


Near Infrared or NIR skin tightening is a treatment used to tone and tighten skin on the face and / or body. This is a type of laser treatment which stimulates collagen production to rejuvenate and improve the appearance of skin. It targets some of the most common skin complaints for both men and women including cellulite, loose or sagging skin, post-surgery skin changes and signs of aging. NIR skin tightening is a popular treatment because it is a quick and virtually painless method which improves the tautness of skin. It can be used anywhere on the body, but mainly is used on the face, neck, upper arms, stomach and thigh areas.

NIR Skin Tightening Is Suitable For: 

  • Loose or Sagging Skin
  • Cellulite
  • Improving Skin Tautness and Texture
  • Post-Surgery Skin Changes
  • Signs of Ageing 


    Benefits of NIR Skin Tightening

    • Instant Results
    • Pain-Free Treatment
    • No Recovery Time
    • Quick to Complete
    • Suitable for both Men & Women 

    How does the NIR Skin Tightening Technology Work?

    The treatment is administered through the industry standard Soprano Near Infrared laser. The handheld device is passed over your skin and targets a beam of concentrated infrared light onto the skin. This simply feels warm to you - some clients find it relaxing. When the natural fat deposits under the skin get heated up, the toxins within these deposits are encouraged to break up and drain. These are the toxins that cause cellulite on the body. The beam of light also heats up the natural water deposits of the skin. The natural reaction of the body here is to activate collagen to tighten and contract. Therefore the technology is both quick and painless - a simple warm sensation that targets and activates the skin to reduce the appearance of problem areas. 


    What will my treatment be like?

    Our expert therapists will talk you through the entire process, but do feel free to ask they any questions also. No matter what treatment you receive here at Hannah London, we endeavour to ensure that you are relaxed and comfortable throughout. An added benefit of the skin tightening treatment is that there is no recovery time, you can resume your normal daily activities straight away afterwards.



    Following treatment, the treated area may remain feeling warm and tighter for a few hours. The skin may also appear red and even slightly swollen - but again this should fade in a number of hours and last no more than a few days at most. Rest assured that our therapists will explain this to you when you attend for your NIR skin tightening treatment. They are trained to use the Soprano laser technology and so can answer any questions you may have.



    You can expect to see results instantly after treatment as the collagen works to rejuvenate the skin and restore tautness. Further and more longer lasting treatment is seen in the one to three months following treatment as the new collagen tightens the skin to optimum levels. All treatments are on a case-by-case basis and depending on the area of the body and the starting condition of the skin, up to six treatments at to to three week intervals is usually recommended. Following this, results can be maintained with literally one or two treatments per year to keep the desired collagen levels and level of tightness.

    Why Choose Hannah London?

    Clients choose us because our reputation proceeds us. We are known for the impeccable treatment that our clients receive as soon as they walk through the door. With appointments available Monday - Saturday and free consultations available too,call us on 02082026187 or click here to book an appointment with us.


    Skin Analysis & Consultation: Complimentary

    Single Session: £100

    Multiple Sessions: Purchase a course of skin tightening for package discounts