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Dull, tired or blemished skin? The award winning Mesoestetic skin peel can help rejuvenate and revitalise your skin with amazing results. A skin peel is a treatment which acts as a deep exfoliation of the skin. This works to rejuvenate the skin by increasing the production of collagen and elastin fibres. The skin naturally renews itself every four weeks, however many lifestyle factors can stall this process. This can result in skin complaints such as acne and fine lines. A skin peel exfoliates the skin to manually kickstart the renewal process and restore the natural lustre of rejuvenated skin.

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● Chemically induces collagen production
● Evens skin tone and pigmentation
● Reduces appearance of dark spots
● Suitable for men and women
●Tailored to suit different skin types

Suitable for
● Enlarged Pores
● Skin Acne
● Skin Ageing
● Skin Hyperpigmentation
● Stretch Marks

How does a Skin Peel Work?

Here at Hannah London, we use the Mesoestetic product range. This is a renowned brand used in expert skin peel treatments as it is known to be kind to skin and aware of its properties. Due to this, the skin is known to be more receptive to the acidic solution applied to it as it does not have to fight against it. The solution is applied to the face to penetrate beyond the dead skin cells on the surface and rejuvenate and replenish the collagen and elastin fibres. For optimum results - skin peels can be combined with Dermapen treatment to maximise your skin rejuvenation.


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Before: Book a free skin analysis consultation at Hannah London. Not only will our skincare specialists advise on the best type of skin peel for you at this consultation, but they can also talk you through pre-treatment safety precautions. For example, it is not recommended that you use any fake tanning products or harsh scrubs 48 hours prior to a skin peel. Overt sun exposure should also be avoided in the days leading up to treatment.

During: Your skincare specialist will talk you through each and every step of your skin peel. Here at Hannah London we make sure to you are clear on what to expect and feel during every stage of your beauty treatment. At this stage, the mask is applied to the face so that it can work to deeply exfoliate, nourish and rejuvenate the skin.

After: After your treatment, the skin will start to naturally produce an increased amount of collagen and elastic fibres. It is very important to not pick or scratch the skin post-treatment; even pulling a small piece of loose skin off can result in scarring. You are recommended to not use any scrubbing products on the face as well as avoiding exercise and heat therapies such as steam rooms, saunas and sunbeds. Your Hannah London therapist will advise you fully on what to do post-treatment.


For skin treatments such as skin peels, we always recommend that you book in for a free skin consultation beforehand so that all of the safety elements can be explained to you in person. For example, waxing of the skin is not recommended both before and after a skin peel for a number of weeks. Our skin therapists will also answer any questions and queries you may have. Side effects are uncommon, but it is important to understand that some of the more adverse reactions to skin peels include sensitivity, infection, scabbing, redness and peeling.

 Before & After Skincare Treatment

Before & After Skincare Treatment


Why Choose Hannah London?

Clients choose Hannah London because we go above and beyond to deliver expert treatments to them. Our skin specialists make sure to use the products and product combinations ideally suited to your skin and advise and teach you on how to care for your skin. A thorough explanation of what happens before, during and after the skin peel treatment is also given. Make sure to book in for your free skin analysis and consultation at Hannah London.


Skin Analysis & Consultation: Complimentary

Single Session: £90

Multiple Sessions: Purchase five sessions and receive an extra one free