We believe that the most beautiful qualities above aesthetics and perceived beauty are resilience, inner strength and courage. These are the traits that demonstrate that one has the ability to overcome adversity and thrive; living beautifully every day. This ignites within us a desire to set a precedent as we stake our place in the aesthetics industry demonstrating how luxury can be inclusive. We have committed to ensuring our unrivalled guest experience and exclusive treatments are accessible to those who live on the edge of society.

The Inspiration

Meticulously and intentionally a culture of compassion has been cultivated within Hannah London. We do not name our experiences ‘Treatments’ loosely but rather because we see this as an opportunity to treat our guests exceedingly well. As we build rapport with our guests organically over time, we look forward to hearing their achievements and progression. Should an opportunity arise whereby we may utilise our vast network to aid them; we never shy away from the honour of doing so. Extending this care and concern to extraordinarily brave individuals has been our intention when Hannah London existed only in our imagination.

Our current and forthcoming success would be fleeting and futile were it not rooted in strong foundations. This initiative arises from Hannah London’s heart - the mightiest part of us. At our consultations and during our treatments, we proactively listen to our clients, responding to their verbal and non-verbal cues, engaging with them and ensuring our care is delivered to their needs. We are passionate about building lasting relationships with our clients as focus on understanding our clients' needs and expectations. Our concern for our clients does not end when the treatment has for that is when our after-care begins. At Hannah London the protocol is not to simply meet our clients' standards, but indeed to exceed them.

The Plan

Hannah London has begun the initial phase of our initiative to support those who are affected by:

  • Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

  • Depression & Anxiety 

And by sharing our resources for initiatives that support:

  • Transgender males and females
  • Survivors of domestic violence and abuse
  • Orphans and Education Projects - Sponsors of "SmokeyNotSmudy" Event By Imperial College London
  • Bereavement and Grief - Sponsors of "Grief Encounter Shopping Day " Event By Grief Encounter

(I) Polycystic Ovary Syndrome
We are advocates of women who live with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) as we understand this is an underrepresented issue. One in five women in England are affected by this condition and with no clear cause or cure, we know the road is not easy. Some of the side effects that this condition presents (such as excess body and facial hair) are not treated by the NHS as this is seen as a cosmetic issue. We understand that whilst this side effect is not detrimental to a woman’s physical health, it is capable of causing extreme distress and self-consciousness. Our holistic approach to wellness ensures we recognise and honour a woman’s emotions and her psyche. Should a woman choose to avail of permanent and painless laser hair removal at Hannah London, it gives us great pride to announce:

We offer discounts of laser hair removal for women with PCOS confirmed by a General Practitioner (GP) and in some cases, we offer free treatments.

(II) Mental Health: Depression and Anxiety
One in four people in England will experience a mental health problem in their lifetime. We appreciate that mental health is an umbrella term and that there are many conditions and challenges within this with no one solution. That is why at present we have focused on two areas: depression and anxiety. Depression and chronic depression come with many draining effects and all of this can have a devastating effect on one’s self-image and social functioning. In a lot of cases when a person is suffering inwardly their self-care regime deteriorates rapidly and day-to-day tasks appear overwhelming.

Reflexology: At Hannah London we understand the importance of sensory perceptions and mindfulness. By combining reflexology massage with mindfulness relaxation, we aim to facilitate our clients to enter into a state of calm. Typically, as patients that suffer from depression show high levels of cortisol and low levels of serotonin and oxytocin. An oxytocin deficiency in the brain may increase fear and anxiety. Research demonstrates oxytocin increases through touch. This is why we have crafted a reflexology ritual that both boosts blood circulation and encourages mental relaxation. Strengthening the mind-body connection, as healthcare practices agree, can be a valuable addition to a patient’s treatment plan.  

Our Reflexology Ritual is discounted for those with a medical letter confirming chronic depression or anxiety.

(III) Events
Within every noble desire lies the means of its fulfillment. Yet in London alone there are unnumbered projects that struggle for survival. This is why for initiatives aimed at the survivors of domestic violence and abuse and the transgender community; we welcome partnership inquiries. Whether it be with our products, treatments or location; we aim to support meaningful endeavors to the best of our ability.

For all inquiries please contact:


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