Nails - Treatments & Prices




  • File and polish (around twenty minutes) . . . £12

An express file and polish is perfect for those who just need a quick filing and recolouring to maintain the perfect nail shape and colour. This is great to do in between regular manicures in order to maintain nail health. 

Classic manicure (around thirty minutes) . . . £25

  • Single crystal/gem (add on) . . . £1 each

A classic manicure is the traditional way of delivering nail care and applying nail colour. It involves the cutting, shaping, filing and buffing of nails followed by cuticle care. After a relaxing hand massage, your chosen colour will be expertly applied. This type of nail colour is easy to remove and can be removed by yourself at home. Add a few crystal gems on your nails to bring some sparkle for an extra special finish. 

  • Little hands manicure (under 11yrs) . . . £10

For the little cuties, a classic manicure is performed with extra care and attention making them feel like pampered royalty. 

  • Shellac manicure  (around one hour) . . . £35

    • Chrome finish (add on)  . . . £10

Similar to a classic manicure in the way that nail care is delivered, but the type of nail colour/polish used is different. Shellac is the name for a new, patent-pending nail product that is a hybrid that combines the benefits of nail polish and gel. The product can be applied similarly to nail polish on your natural nails (no sculpting or filing). It is cured through UV lighting, just like Gels. However, unlike acrylics or gels, you cannot use Shellac to lengthen your nails. The natural look of polish combined with the shine associated with gel give stunning results that can lasts up to 14 days. For a chrome finish, an extra layer is applied to your colour to give that stunning chrome shine. Professional removal of shellac through acetone wraps does not leave nails dry, thin, or torn.

  • French Shellac manicure  (around seventy minutes) . . . £40

The French manicure is a classic and timeless style of nail colouring whereby a pale pink base is crowned by a bright white tip. By accentuating the pinkish tinge of the nail bed and the whiteness of the nail free edge, the french manicure is both subtle and beautiful. A skilled technician is required to deliver the most perfect finishes. 

  • Shellac removal (around ten minutes) . . . £5

If you would like to remove your shellac or gel polish, it is essential that you get this removed professionally to ensure your nail health is maintained. Peeling your polish yourself could cause nail damage.  

Hannah London luxury manicure (including mask)  . . . £45

To add to your luxurious experience of Hannah London, our luxury nail care treatments are the prime form of pampering. In addition to the careful attention taken to give you the healthiest and most beautiful nails through cutting, shaping, filing, cuticle care and buffing, the luxury manicure also involves applying a hand mask followed by paraffin wax treatment. The hand mask is used to soften the skin and reduce sign of ageing. Following this, the paraffin wax treatment provides a relaxing and calming warmth whilst it removes impurities and exfoliates to ensure you're left with the smoothest of skin.




  • File and polish (around twenty minutes) . . . £12

  • Classic pedicure (around sixty minutes)  . . . £40

    • Little feet pedicure (under 11yrs) . . . £10

  • Shellac pedicure (around one hour) . . . £45

  • Hannah London luxury pedicure (including mask)  . . . £65



  • Man-i-cure (around forty-five minutes) . . . £20

  • Men's pedicure (around forty-five minutes)  . . . £30

  • Men's mani and pedi (around seventy minutes)  . . . £50

  • Men's luxury mani and pedi (around two hours)  . . . £80