Hair - Treatments & Prices


Our leading hair stylists are creative and have a
strong reputation.


  • Dry Cut . . . Senior Stylist  - £30

  • Wash & Cut (No Blow Dry) . . .Senior Stylist - £40

  • Wash, Cut & Blow Dry . . .  Senior Stylist - £50

  • Wash & Blow Dry . . . £45

  • Men's Cut . . . £25


Unparalleled hair colouring expertise allows us to work miracles in colour correction cases
and equally perform modern and
contemporary looks that the client chooses.


* Colour Consultation & Patch Test Required *

Please note that we advise that a free colour consultation is booked before any colouring appointment. Whilst colouring can be conducted immediately following consultation, a valid patch test is required and we advise that that is done at least 24 hours before your appointment. Furthermore, the prices below are our starting prices and final prices are decided upon consultation. 

  • Roots . . . £50

  • Full Head Colour . . . £100

  • Highlights/Lowlights - Half Head  . . . £120

  • Highlights/Lowlights - Full Head  . . . £200

  • Balayage or Ombre  . . . £250

What is the difference between Ombré and Balayage?

This hair colouring treatment is also known as a ‘dip-dye’. It is characterised by seeing the hair remain at the natural, darker colour at the root while gradually getting lighter and lighter towards the very end of the hair. So those with dark brown hair may have very light and fair (almost blonde) hair right at the bottom of their hair for example. The term ‘dip-dye’ is derived from the fact that the colouring is only applied to the end sections of the hair as if it had been dipped into the hair dye. Choose Ombré at Hannah London if you are looking for a more noticeable and high impact look for your hair. As with all of our treatments here, our hair specialists talk you through each step of your treatment to ensure that you are fully happy at satisfied before, during and after your treatment.

The Balayage hair colouring treatment is similar to Ombré, however it is characterised by having a more natural and almost subtle end result. Balayage is also known as ‘hair-painting’ as the hair is literally painted by hand in natural, sweeping motions to add a lighter colour towards the end of the hair. In fact the word Balayage is French and it roughly translates to ‘scanning’ or ‘sweeping’ – hence where this popular hair colouring treatment gets its name. Balayage requires the hair specialist to be more experienced and receive extra training to achieve the effortless, natural looking gradient effect in your hair. Rest assured that the Hannah London hair specialist completing your Balayage is fully trained and experienced in this technique and will communicate with you before, during and after the treatment to make sure that you achieve the exact results you were looking for.

Conditioning Treatments

The condition of the hair is at the very
essence of everything we do. Unless the
hair is in good condition, the rest of
our hairdressing is not realised.



  • Olaplex Treatment (around forty-five minutes) . . . from £60 (or £90 with Blow Dry)

The Olaplex conditioning treatment is optimised to help repair, rebuild and re-strengthen hair that has been damaged and weakened over time by the likes of chemical (e.g. hair dye) and heat (i.e. straightening) factors. This is achieved by rejuvenating the broken bonds of the hair – these being the elements of the hair that weaken and break due to many factors like those listed above. A popular treatment for those who dye their hair regularly; Olaplex is suitable for all hair types and produces noticeable, long-lasting results.

  • Kerastraight Mask (around forty-five minutes) . . . £60 (or £90 with Blow Dry)

This is a renowned hair conditioning treatment by Kerastraight is specially formulated to obtain softer, stronger, shinier hair that is hydrated. This treatment will also help maintain the result of a Kerastraight Ultimate Treatment

  • Kerastraight Ultimate (around two hours) . . . £195

For those who are tired of unruly, non-stop frizzy hair; KeraStraight is most likely the answer for you. Known worldwide for taming untameable strands, the conditioning solution can work wonders for clients looking for long-lasting results. Our Hannah London hair specialists work on your hair for between two to three hours from root to tip. While this sounds like a long time, it is essential to allow the elements of the KeraStraight product (comprised of mostly natural proteins such as keratin and amino acids) to unfurl the curls and settle the frizz of your hair. Our hair specialists will explain to you what to expect before, during and after the KeraStraight treatment which will give you the sleekest of the sleek hair.

Specialist Treatment for Hair-Loss

Hair thinning and hair loss is an inevitable phenomenon as we age. But don't despair, there are ways in which you can maximise the potential of hair growth and slow the thinning process. Our Nioxin treatments do just that.  

  • Scalp Renew (Three Step Treatment) . . . £60


By targeting the scalp in three different ways, this treatment works to target and treat the thinning of your hair right from the roots and the foundation they grow from i.e. the scalp. These three steps are completed as followed by our Hannah London hair specialists.

Step One – Cleansing    
The first step of the Scalp Renew treatment cleanses the scalp. This removes any elements which may be blocking the hair follicles on the scalp and hampering the growth of new, thicker hair strands. These elements may include natural elements such as oils such as sebum and external elements such as urban smog particles and residue. This step is essential to prime the scalp.

Step Two – Dermabrasion    
The Scalp Renew treatment can be compared to a facial for the scalp and the dermabrasion technique of this step really alludes to this. It is here that our Hannah London hair specialists exfoliate the scalp to remove any of the deeper residue still lingering while promoting the skin to breathe and function to optimum levels. Exfoliation is an essential method for premium skincare.

Step Three – Conditioning Treatment    
After the cleansing and dermabrasion steps are completed, the Scalp Renew treatment is finished with an intense conditioning treatment. Natural botanical antioxidants work to revitalise the scalp and invigorate the skin and follicles that live there. At this stage the scalp is completely and deeply cleansed and exfoliated and optimised for thicker hair growth.

Hair Extensions

Add length, volume and colour to create stunningly beautiful hair


* Hair Extensions Consultation Required *

Please note that we a free hair extensions consultation is required for price quotation and ordering in the extensions to match your hair. 

Nano Ring Hair Extensions (from two hours) 

Half Head from: £400

Full Head from: £700