Eyelash Extensions

We offer eyelash extensions in our London salon to beautifully enhance and elongate your natural eyelashes. Hannah London are proud to offer a variety of different options (all listed out below) so that you can select the eyelash extension treatment that best suits your desired results. These include synthetic, real mink and natural options as well as infills to provide lasting longevity and quality. Each of our eyelash extension treatments take around two hours to complete and we make sure to conduct a patch test of the products being used at least twenty-four hours in advance. At this patch test consultation, you will meet a Hannah London eyelash technician and specialist who will explain exactly what to expect before, during and after treatment. You can of course ask them any questions at all about your eyelash extension treatment and they will be happy to answer it for you.

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Full Set of Eyelash Extensions

(around two hours)


A Full Set of Eyelash Extensions adds beautiful length and thickness to your eyebrows. Each strand is individually glued to your natural eyelashes by our beauty experts to produce stunning results. Eyelash Extensions are long lasting and durable making them the perfect option if you have a series of events, meetings or occasions coming up that you want to look great and feel confident at. Hannah London only uses the finest of the fine synthetic eyelash extensions to retain the luxury element of your treatment and service with us.

Extra Full Set Extensions

(Canadian Real Mink Eyelash)



For a luxuriously extra full set of  eyelash extensions, we recommend the Canadian Real Mink treatment. The fine Canadian Mink strands discreetly and cohesively attach to your natural eyelashes for a dramatic and thorough visual effect. As there are natural hair strands from mink, there of a very similar consistency and appearance of natural eyelashes. When applied by our expert beauty therapists, they form a fan effect that beautifully frames your entire eye area. For that extra full look and luxurious feel, the Canadian Real Mink Eyelash Extension treatment is for you.

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Royal Russian Extra Long Eyelash Extensions

3D to 6D Russian Lashes


Named after the famous Russian application and style technique, the 3D to 6D Russian Lashes is a renowned eyelash extension treatment. As the name suggests, this eyelash extension treatment elevates the natural 3D eyelashes to basically double their appearance for a pronounced and noticeable ‘6D’ appearance. You can avail of this Russian eyelash extension treatment in London at our luxurious salon. Choose the 3D to 6D Russian Lashes treatment for when you want your eyelashes to stand out and stand strong for a pronounced and polished look.

LVL Lash Lift



The LVL Lash Lift naturally elongates and extends your eyelashes by both perming and tinting them. The naturally arched curve of the eyelash curl coupled with the darker tint makes the eyelashes become more noticeable and prominent within the eye area. The LVL Lash Lift is the perfect option for those who want to enhance their natural eyelashes without adding extensions to them. We love seeing the reactions of our clients after their LVL Lash Lift as they cannot believe their natural lashes could be so stunning without the use of extensions.

Eyelash Infills


While luxurious eyelash extensions do last longer than shop bought, stick on eyelash extensions; they are of course subject to wear and tear. As they are attached to your natural eyelashes, if one of your natural eyelashes was to fall out – so too would the eyelash extension attached to it. That is why we here at Hannah London offer the Eyelash Infill treatment to fill any of the gaps and spaces that may occur. We recommend this every two to three weeks to maximise the longevity of your eyelash extensions. Your Hannah London beauty expert will advise you the recommended time frame based on your particular treatment.

Call us on 02082026187 or e-mail info@hannahlondon.com for any more information and to schedule your appointment.

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