Dermapen (Micro-Needling)


The Dermapen is a skincare device that works to stimulate and rejuvenate skin on all areas of the face and body. It is a pain-free treatment that achieves this by gently penetrating the surface layers of the skin with miniscule needling. This breaks down older scar tissue and signals the skin to create new skin tissue layers filled with fresh collagen and elastin fibres. Not only does this promote new and healthy blood supply, but the skin also reacts to the Dermapen by reactively ‘plumping’ to reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and even scarring. Dermapen is also known as Micro-Needling. Here at Hannah London, it is one of our advanced aesthetic treatments that is administered by our expert beauty therapists in our luxurious London salon. Treatments on the face can take up to twenty minutes, while larger surface areas of the body can take up to ninety minutes.

● Clearer Skin
● Smoother Skin
● Improves Skin Laxity
● Promotes Collagen Production
● Pain Free Treatment

Suitable for
● Fine Lines & Wrinkles
● Improving Skin Texture
● Reducing Pore Size
● Scarring (Acne, Keloid, Surgical) 
● Stretch Marks

While results can be seen and felt instantly, the best and most long-lasting results are realised weeks and months after the treatments. Skin will appear fresher and more radiant with that envious youthful aura emanating from it. It is advised to leave 4 - 6 weeks between Dermapen / Micro-Needling treatments and to continue treatments until your achieve your desired results. If you are seeking the Dermapen to target scarring, 3 - 6 treatments are advised. As with all treatments, each person will respond differently and so these timeframes are approximate.

How does Dermapen/Micro-Needling Technology Work?

The Dermapen itself is an advanced aesthetic piece of technology. It features a disposable head of up to twelve micro-needles to stimulate the skin to produce collagen and reduce the appearance of fine lines, scars, stretch marks and wrinkles. Knowing that each skin type is different and that every skin type has different needs, it features a range of subtle speed and depth options. Dermapen/Micro-Needling on the facial area can last up to twenty minutes while treatment on the body can last for up to ninety minutes.

Your Treatment

Before: The skin is first cleansed and gently exfoliated to prepare for further treatment. Here at Hannah London, we also apply a powerful collagen boosting cream to help stimulate the production of collagen, therefore optimising results.

During: The Dermapen device cleanly glides over the skin surface to make contact. Each time it gently pierces the skin, the collagen boosting cream gets rapidly absorbed to nourish the skin. A subtle range of speeds and depths are used here for a full and thorough approach.

After: Once complete, a calming cream is applied to assist with skin hydration and healing. A slight redness and/or swelling may occur on the skin for between 24 - 48 hours following treatment. You can return to normal daily activities (i.e. work) afterwards.


After the needling, the skin and pores are known to close again in no more than an hour. This is because the needling does not penetrate the protective ‘barrier layer’ of skin and due to this, infection is very unlikely. As all of our treatments are carried out by trained experts in medically approved surroundings. We take the necessary steps, systems and procedures to ensure your wellbeing before, during and after treatment.


Why Choose Hannah London?

Clients choose Hannah London for a perfectly beautiful salon experience. We put the client first in everything we do and ensure that you are comfortable and satisfied before, during and after your treatment each and every time. We are open Monday - Saturday every week and have catered to many famous faces and amassed many five-star Google reviews. Call us on 02082026187 or click here to book an appointment with us.


Skin Analysis & Consultation: Complimentary

Single Session: £200

Multiple Sessions: Purchase a course of treatments to receive package discounts (contact us)