Dermal & Lip Fillers

Safely and professionally plump your skin and lips for long-lasting, luscious results.

Dermal and Lip Fillers are an advanced aesthetic treatment that we offer here at Hannah London. This is a popular treatment which sees the world class Juvéderm solution injected into the skin or lips to smoothen lines, add a natural level of volume while also plumping and rejuvenating the area.

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Lip Filler Testimonial

"Everyone at Hannah London was incredible, you get treated like absolute royalty and everyone is so warm and friendly! Perfect environment to put you at ease if going in for something like this or for pure relaxation if it's a mani-pedi/haircut. I've had a few friends go through with this procedure and suffer with a lot of swelling and soreness for days afterwards but mine were absolutely fine just the next day. The procedure itself was treated with such precision and care which has really shown in the healing process. I am not being payed for this post, I had the procedure done in exchange for an honest review . . . if there is anyone else out there that has been looking for the right place to have fillers, I really can't recommend Hannah London highly enough . . . this place is amazing! Thank you again ladies, you are all gems." - Kashira Whiteley, November 2017

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Dermal and Lip fillers are only administered by our skincare experts. They provide you with a complimentary skin analysis and consultation prior to your treatment to ensure you are comfortable and understand what to expect before, during and after it.

Costs & Durations
Lip Fillers: from £450, approx fifteen minutes
Cheek Enhancement: from £495, approx fifteen minutes
Nasolabial Lines: from £395, approx fifteen minutes
Non-Surgical Nose Job: from £595, between thirty to sixty minutes
Tear Trough: from £595, approx fifteen minutes


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