Wrinkle Reducing Injections 

Wrinkle reduction can be carried out by using Botulinum Toxin injections (commonly referred to as Botox). Botox is a very popular treatment that is used to smoothen the skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles of the face. It is a naturally occurring protein that is harnessed from the Clostridium Botulinum bacteria. Upon examination and study of this protein, it was discovered that it has incredible aesthetic potential. Due to this, it has become wildly popular in the beauty industry all around the world. As with all of our skincare treatments, you receive a complimentary skin analysis with our experts before deciding upon what treatment would best suit you.

Near-Instant Results
No Downtime
Quick & Painless Treatments
Suitable for Men & Women

Botox is used to:
Reduce Facial Lines
Reduce Facial Wrinkles
Smoothen the Skin
Reduce Sweat Production

How Does it Work?

Botox comes in a liquid solution that is injected by a registered professional that is licensed to conduct such treatments. Beneath the skin and thin natural layer of fat lies a selection of many facial muscles. These are the muscles we use to smile, laugh and blink etc. – basically any action that the face carries out. In fact, even when your face is not actively making any expression or motion, muscle tone, fine lines and wrinkles can still be visually evident. As you know, every face is different and so too are the subtle differences in muscle composition. This is the reason why one person may develop lines and wrinkles before another person – even if they are of similar ages and have similar lifestyles. Botox works by making specific muscles in the face relax so that the opposing muscles can contract and smoothen out the wrinkles. Think of it as a tug-of-war between the muscles that cause your skin to wrinkle and the muscles that cause a lifting or smoothening effect, and the Botox is used to weaken the wrinkle-causing muscles. Whilst this has an immediate effect, the result is temporary and requires long-term treatment to to continuously weaken the wrinkle-causing muscles of the face, whilst the other muscles strengthen and smoothen the skin. 



As with all of our treatments, we endeavour to make sure that your safety is a priority and that you are suitable for the treatment you wish to receive. With our Botulinum Toxin treatment, you receive a complimentary skincare analysis and consultation with one of our Hannah London skincare experts prior to your treatment. They will explain to you what to expect before, during and after treatment and will also be able to answer any questions you may have. Following the treatment your skin may swell ever so slightly and appear slightly red – but these elements will settle down after a few hours. There is no downtime associated with this treatment. As it only takes between five to fifteen minutes to complete, you can literally come to the medispa on your lunchbreak and return to work afterwards.


Why Choose Hannah London?

If you are looking for Botox in London, Hannah London is the luxury destination for you. We ensure both your safety and optimum results by only allowing expertly trained and experienced skincare professionals to carry out your consultation and treatment. Choose Hannah London if you want to be genuinely cared for while having your advanced aesthetic treatments in overwhelmingly luxurious surroundings. Our clients love us and we are sure that you will too. Book your free consultation now, call us on 02082026187 or click here to book an appointment with us.


Start by booking a complimentary skin analysis & consultation

    Wrinkle Reducing Injections (1 area) . . . £175

    Wrinkle Reducing Injections (2 areas) . . . £245

    Wrinkle Reducing Injections (3 areas) . . . £279

    Bunny Lines . . . £175

    Smokers Lines  . . . £195

    Chin . . . £175

    Brow Lift  . . . £175

    Hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating) . . . from £579