Waxing at Hannah London

Waxing at Hannah London is a popular treatment for both men and women. Due to the various benefits of the waxing treatment, it continues to be a popular hair removal treatment all around the world. Here at Hannah London, our waxing specialists are highly trained and highly experienced to ensure that you get the most amazing results from your waxing treatment. Waxing can never be described as truly painless; but when completed properly and professionally the pain can be minimised.

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Your Treatment
Your Hannah London waxing specialist will explain everything about your waxing treatment to you when you attend for your appointment. We make sure that you are happy and comfortable with everything before proceeding with the treatment. Our overwhelmingly luxurious medispa coupled with our genuinely caring staff greatly assist with making sure that you are comfortable. This will include what to expect before, during and after the treatment. In short, waxing consists of warm wax being applied to the area followed by strips then being applied over the wax to then pull it away from the skin and remove it by the root. There is also an exfoliation element to this as dead skin cells are naturally removed during this process.

Price List
Full face  . . . £26
Eyebrows  . . . £10
Forehead  . . . £12
Chin  . . . £9
Upper lip  . . . £9
Nose  . . . £6
Chest  . . . £32
Full Back  . . . £40
Under Arms  . . . £15
Full Arm  . . . £30
Half Arm  . . . £21
Hands  . . . £10
Full Stomach  . . . £38
Bikini Line  . . . £16
Bikini Line Extended  . . . £24
Hollywood  . . . £38
Brazilian  . . . £36
Thighs  . . . £25
Full Legs  . . . £42
Lower Legs  . . . £25
Full Body Wax  . . . £150
(male intimate waxing, please enquire)

Your Results
Clients can expect to be hair free at the area(s) they get waxed for between four to six weeks. This will of course differ per person on a case-by-case basis and depending on what area of the body is waxed. Your Hannah London waxing specialist will be sure to advise you on any and all after care elements that may be required (such as using soothing creams) and what to expect after the treatment. Waxing can greatly improve the appearance of your skin by removing your unwanted body hair and dead skin cells to result in a clean and smooth finish. This is a great treatment for those looking to remove body hair before the likes of a holiday etc.

Hair Removal Options
Waxing is obviously not the only version of hair removal that clients can peruse. Hannah London offer other non-permanent (such as threading) and permanent (pain free laser hair removal) options at our medispa for both male and female clients. IPL (intense pulsed light) hair removal is another permanent option which we do not offer as we deem it somewhat inferior to laser hair removal. Here are the differences between each treatment:

  • Threading
    The threading treatment literally uses a thread that is utilised with high precision by our threading specialists. Due to this precision, threading is most popularly used on the facial and neck areas as the thread can grip and remove some of the smallest hairs to define the likes of eyebrow shapes. Threading is a very traditional treatment that can be compared to a more effective version of plucking hairs. As such, it is a non-permanent hair removal treatment. Threading can be completed quickly, depending on the area being threaded, which makes it a popular and time efficient treatment to have completed on a lunch break etc.
  • Laser Hair Removal
    We often refer to laser hair removal as being the crown jewel of treatments that we offer here at Hannah London. The technology used (Soprano Ice Platinum Laser) is truly revolutionary in that it offers clients a virtually painless form of permanent hair removal. After a series of sessions is complete on any part of the body, both male and female clients can enjoy permanent smooth skin. With this, there is no hair re-growth and therefore no need for further sessions that the likes of waxing and threading will require. We believe so much in our laser hair removal treatment at Hannah London that we often offer promotions on it for clients to try it out and fall in love with the results. Click here to see them.
  • IPL Hair Removal
    Intense Pulsed Light hair removal can be viewed as a more crude form of laser hair removal. Rather than using a single heated lightwave like laser hair removal does, it can use hundreds at once. This actually means that it is arguably less powerful as it requires so much more fire power to result in permanent hair removal which in turn causes much more sensation and pain during the treatment. While IPL treatments and light treatments still exist, the modern consensus is that it may be more useful as a dermatological treatment to reduce the appearance of blood vessels. While IPL is a painful option for permanent hair removal, we do not offer it at Hannah London as we focus on the superior and virtually pain free permanent laser hair removal.

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