Microblading Trends 2018

Microblading was a popular eyebrow trend all throughout 2017. However it has proved to be so popular that it is now a dedicated advanced aesthetic treatment in its own right and no longer a fad that comes and goes. The reason we group microblading as part of our advanced aesthetics treatment is because it should only be completed by a fully qualified, expert eyebrow technician. This is because the treatment effectively tattoos the colour onto the eyebrow area and therefore has to be completed with the upmost precision and perfection. Hannah London offer expert microblading treatments in our luxurious London medispa so that you can achieve perfect, long-lasting eyebrows in your desired shape and colour. Here we explain exactly what microblading is and take a look at two current microblading trends that are poised to be popular throughout 2018.

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What is Microblading?    

Microblading is an eyebrow treatment whereby your Hannah London expert eyebrow technician uses a very small, handheld tool to implant your desired colour into the skin on your eyebrow area. This is applied in small strokes that look just like natural eyebrow hairs. As this is done by hand, it is completely unique to your face shape and is designed to look the way you want it – we don’t use any templates or stencils because we understand and appreciate that every person has their own look. However we can of course replicate a set of eyebrows that you may have seen belonging to a person in the media etc. Rest assured that we use a numbing cream on the area so that this is a painless treatment – clients mainly feel a light scratching sensation. As part of the £450 cost for this two-hour treatment, clients receive a free patch test (to be completed at least 24 hours prior to treatment), a free consultation with your expert eyebrow technician and free aftercare products and creams to use after the treatment. Not only that, but you can also come back to us for a completely free top-up appointment within two to four weeks after the treatment for any final touches that may need to be added. Microblading is an incredibly long lasting treatment – we recommend that you get it topped up only once per year. This therefore eliminates the need to draw on your eyebrows anymore.

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Ombré Trend    

Already a popular hair colouring technique, the ombré style can also be used to great effect on the eyebrows. This allows for the colouring to be darker at one section of the eyebrow (for example the arch) and gradually lighter at the ends. The ombré microblading effect is great for highlighting the natural features of the eyebrows and therefore the assets of the face. Our Hannah London eyebrow technicians are expertly trained in colour correction techniques to ensure your ombré microblading produces the perfect results for you. Choose the ombré microblading option if you are looking to accentuate certain parts of your eyebrows with darker and lighter shades of colouring.    

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Feathering Trend    

The microblading treatment can produce a very uniform and even eyebrow shape. This is because it is literally drawn on by hand stroke by stroke. However for those who prefer more of a naturally shaped look, the feathering technique is the option for you. This entails of the lines being drawn in a less uniform and linear method to replicate the natural pattern of hair growth on the eyebrows. While the result will always be neat and beautiful, the feathering technique incorporates some looser and almost flyaway strands into the eyebrow design. This subtle addition to your eyebrow microblading is great for those who appreciate advanced aesthetic treatments and want the best for their eyebrows.

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