Micro Ring Hair Extensions and LA Weaves at Hannah London

At Hannah London, we love using the luscious and luxurious Micro Ring Extensions and LA Weaves. They both give clients simply stunning hair and help them to reach their hair goals and dream hairstyles. Our hair specialists are experts in using them to transform hair into a beautiful work of art. Below we explain the differences between Micro Ring Extensions and LA Weaves. You can of course call Hannah London on 02082026187 for more information to suit your exact hair needs.

Micro Ring Extensions and LA Weave.JPG

Micro Ring Extensions    
These are also known as Micro Bead Extensions and they work by grouping sections of the hair into small rings or beads. These rings / beads are then compressed into place and then the hair extensions are threaded through them. This gives a very natural and full look to the hair and hair length and that is what many of our clients desire. Micro Ring Extensions are a popular choice because they come with both half-head and three-quarter options meaning that clients can choose exactly what parts of their natural hair that they would like accentuated and enhanced. As with all of our hair extension treatments, we offer a wide range of colours, hues and tones to match your natural or chosen hair colour. A half-head of Micro Ring Extensions costs £300 whereas the three-quarter options costs £500.

LA Weave    
A full head of Micro Ring Extensions is known as an LA Weave. With this hair treatment, a row of Micro Rings are placed closely together, close to the scalp, to add a fullness and length to the hair. This can take from two hours for our hair specialists to complete in our luxurious salon. The LA Weave is a long lasting treatment which will last for months leaving your hair stunningly beautiful. Like all of our hair extension treatments, clients can choose from a stellar selection of lengths and colours to ensure they have the perfect result. Your Hannah London hair specialist will explain what to expect before, during and after treatment so that your LA Weave can last as long as possible and be as opulent and luxurious as expected. The LA Weave costs £700.

With over 100 five-star reviews from our many happy and satisfied clients over the years, Hannah London is your perfect destination for a perfectly beautiful salon experience and perfectly beautiful hair extension treatments.

Call us on 02082026187 to book your Micro Ring Extensions or LA Weave.